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This page provides the published results of the InSAR analysis performed by GSI using ALOS/PASLSAR data.

Cautionary statement

Please carefully read the following terms before using the SAR interferograms placed in this page.

  • Please be aware that the SAR interferograms contain fringes caused by the influence of water vapor in the atmosphere, fringes remaining despite the removal of orbit fringes using knowledge of the satellite trajectories, etc. other than fringes showing the crustal and ground deformation. Please refer to the remarks column of each interferogram for these information.
  • The SAR interferograms published here are analyzed by GSI and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) retain ownership of ALOS/PALSAR data. If you cite a PALSAR interferogram, you should clearly write a credit as follows, indicating that interest.
      Analysis by GSI from ALOS raw data of JAXA, METI

    Also, if you cite a SAR interferogram, you have to make an application to GSI. Please refer to "Q&A (Q3-4 : How to cite a SAR interferogram)" for more information about the application.

Below are listed the results of urgent analysis in the event of natural disasters, etc.
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*Click here for past results (JERS-1)

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